BBQ Chicken Salad - Diabetes Diets

We think of salads as being a healthy dinner option. Just because it is healthy doesn't mean it has to taste bad. This salad is one of my favorite go-to's when it comes to dealing with my diabetic diet. It is a food that isn't very high on the glycemic index chart and its very easy to make. Trust me, your whole family (even kids) will enjoy this recipe. Food doesn't have to be expensive. It doesn't have to be greasy. However, it should always be tasty. So if you or anyone in your family suffers from diabetes and is looking for a healthy option for dinner, this would be a great option. There are many more recipes on our site for the healthy dinner enthusiast. Keep cooking strong everyone! :)

Clean Eating Baked Thai Salmon

It's not everyday that you want to eat fish, or even need a fish recipe for that matter. In this case, you're lucky you've stumbled onto this diabetic diet recipe for scrumptious baked thai salmon. You don't need to drink only healthy juice recipes to be healthy in these days. Try making a little salmon to satisfy your need for real food! This lean meat is perfect for any diabetics or just anybody wishing to get away from the heavier dark meats. This recipe is easy to make at any skill level in the kitchen. Try it out today! 

Crispy brussel sprouts w/bacon and garlic

This is one of those easy recipes that you just can't hardly mess up. Unlike a lot of things too, it is actually also one of those long sought after healthy recipes. The brussel sprouts and garlic combination will have to scrounging after more of these simple recipes to astonish your family each and every evening. I'll tell you one thing. I was very quick to add this to my top list of healthy dinner recipes that I have been keeping for a while. It takes quite a lot of power to reach the pinnacle of my list! Finally, not only is it an easy healthy recipe, it can be used as one of your arsenal of healthy snack recipes. The options are simply endless! It's a wonderful recipe, for a wonderful cook such as yourself :)

Cookie dough cupcakes

These cupcakes are out of this world! Learn how to make them today. Every time I see them I feel like I'm gaining weight, but its ok. This taste will win you over every time. These bring a new meaning to watching what you eat. Instead of not eating them, you will be watching them ever so closely as they find their way into your mouth one after one. Yummy!

pork florentine - tastes delicious and easy to make. This one is a keeper.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches

Buddy Valastro's Strawberry Shortcake